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TOGA is for all those who feel they need a physical boost to their spirituality, or a spiritual and inner boost to their training.

Bringing together yoga meditation and modern HIIT and strength training; TOGA aims to create a synergistic relationship between mind, body and spirit. This is where East meets West.

Be ready for workouts that will leave you feeling happier, healthier and more empowered! (plus kinda sweaty..)

Check out my free videos, get classes streamed to your home or come check out a class in person!


We are all limitless beings, created of the same matter that makes the multitude of stars, the oceans, the very matter that makes this entire universe. TOGA is a multi-faceted program designed to allow people to break free of the limits that hold them back- and by starting from the very core of our being- formulate a lifestyle, body and mind of excellence.


In the modern world, there is a huge amount of pressure to look ‘perfect’ to have the perfect body, career and relationship, not to mention an enviable Instagram feed, filtered to perfection. This ever burning drive for improvement has left many of us constantly feeling as though we fall short, and has bought rise to a new early-onset barrage of conditions such as anxiety, eating-disorders, burnout and depression which now are plaguing those even as young as their early teens.


Looking good, it seems, now holds higher importance than feeling good, and so many people even with the most perfect physique, Hollywood smiles and bulging biceps- are left feeling inadequate. TOGA came about as I noticed I had two distinct groups of friends- those I trained with in the gym- obsessed with their body and fitness, and my yogic friends who cared less about cardio and more about their breathing practice and vision boards.

Now I will be totally honest- I want to look banging in a bikini.

Who doesn’t? But what’s the point in having a great physique when you feel like total crap inside and are mentally banging your head against a brick wall because you can’t understand why you aren’t happy with your life. My solution? Let the East meet West. TOGA brings the age-old practices of self-development, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic nutrition and fuses it with the rapidly developing modern world of fitness, nutrition and exercise. So not only will you look brilliant in your Insta pics, but the person behind the picture will feel fantastic too.


I believe the future lies in flexibility (I mean this both metaphorically and literally) and adaptation. We have so much knowledge that the ages have given us, and a world that is changing faster than Apple can add a new number to their collection. We must become creatures not just of habit, but of constant re-design, educating ourselves and fine tuning our techniques using new information.

Arms and Back Workout

Travel Slider/ Bands Workout

Post- Workout Cooldown

TOGA Class Mini Clip


Full classes and videos can be found on the Dru Yoga Online Studio! Want something more personal? Get in touch and book a 1-to-1 session either in person or online!

More classes, workshops and retreats coming soon- watch this space!

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