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Learn to know yourself better, to take control of your health and optimise your entire life with the right food, habits and life design for YOU.

Based on the ancient practises from the east, TOGA nutrition beings together the best of the East and West to create a unique and powerful program you can implement NOW.

Videos, blogs and general musings to educate, inspire and empower you to live your best life.




Ayurveda. The 6000 year old ancient science of health, nutrition and longevity. Pretty impressive CV eh? Now if something has managed to stick around for 6000 years, it’s gotta be pretty special! Ayurveda, at its root, is an intricate and complex system of managing, preventing and curing conditions of many kinds, however what really drew me to it, is how simple Ayurvedic principals are to actually implement in your daily life!


Nowadays it is cropping up in the pages of widely-read magazines around the world, and people are starting to realise the secret power hidden in this age-old science. In a nut-shell, Ayurveda explains that we are all totally unique in our make-up, and through assessment of our biological nature (or by understanding our ‘dosha’) we can simply and effectively optimise what we eat, drink and do, to become our best selves; feel, look and live better each and every day.


As a pharmacist, I have learnt about the root causes of disease, and more recently, due to the rise of personalised medicine, started to really understand the need for tailored and unique treatment and management of patients. Ayurveda offers the perfect solution, with both universal and individual ‘prescriptions’ for a vital and empowered existence!

With TOGA Nutrition, I aim to combine what I have learnt about the modern world of nutrition and diet with the incredibly powerful tools I have discovered while studying Ayurveda.


I will add a caveat here, the advice I share has been uncovered through my own self-study, experimentation and exploration, but is no replacement for a proper medical assessment if you have a diagnosed condition, and I ask that you take my guidance as you would a friends; shared over a good meal, with a glass of wine and perhaps some light jazz in the background. I will offer what I believe to be true in this moment, and what I have found to work for me, but I reserve the right to totally spin on my axis and update you as my knowledge develops and new discoveries are made in the scientific world! We are constantly learning new things and hardened facts we once held so dearly, are being uprooted and thrown into the proverbial rubbish bin of ‘ghosts of beliefs past’.


Now, I invite you to join me on a journey through this magical thing we call life, to grab a scoop of the ice cream of the unknown and sprinkle on top the rainbow mix of exploration and discovery. What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

x Radha x

What's my Ayurvedic Constitution?

What's my Ayurvedic Constitution?

What am I?

There is a simple quiz that can be taken to assess what your ‘constitution’ is, but a more in depth knowledge can only be achieved by having a face to face consultation with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. Most people will find they are a combination of two doshas, in varying strengths. Rarely, people may be mono-doshic, having one dominant, or tri-doshic, having pretty much all three balanced.

We all have a little of each within us, the key is finding out what your constitution was at birth (your prakriti) and trying to get back to this. A common misconception is that the goal is to be perfectly balanced in all three, when in fact we should aim to get back to our true nature and be a perfect version of ourselves!


Vata Dosha

The vata dosha is made of air and space, and those with a dominant vata dosha, creativity and enthusiasm will come easy. They often love to learn new things, however this excitement will run dry quick as they flit onto the next project! Short bursts of energy and often followed by burn out and exhaustion.

Notorious for forgetting to eat, these light bodied butterflies are not a fan of routine, but prefer a life of constant change. Usually on the move, they can struggle to stay in one place for too long. Slim bodied and dry skinned, vata dominant people are usually the one’s who can ‘eat what ever they want without putting on weight, but can be plagued with anxiety and worry due to the air element in their constitution.


Kapha Dosha

Earth and water is a fantastic combination and gives people a wonderfully grounded nature; reliable, consistent and dependable. Lovers of food and home comforts, they can have a larger frame, and often are not so keen on getting up an active, or even just up! Lack of motivation and energy can be an issue for kaphas, but when well balanced, they have endurance that will far outrun (or out-walk should I say) that of pitta and vata. They make great friends and partners, as they are that one person you can always count on. Unless they're having a nap. In that case, you might want to call back later!


Pitta Dosha

Fire and water, but with 90% fire, the most noticeable thing with pitta people is there unending drive, passion and focus. Often found burning the midnight oil, smashing out the HIIT classes 6 days a week and with a stronger and more average build frame. Prone to stress-related disorders, flare ups of anger and frustration, pitta people tend to push hard and sometimes too far. But have no fear, a well balanced pitta will be focused, successful and a fantastic leader, just make sure they don’t get hungry..

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