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Started in the UK, and practised around the world, TOGA is a multi-faceted program designed to allow people to break free of the limits that hold them back. Founded by yoga teacher Radha Patel, TOGA is available online and in the form of physical classes. TOGA teacher training allows personal trainers and yoga teachers alike to add a new depth to their training by combining aspects of the two worlds. Here at TOGA we know it is only by starting from the very core of our being that we can formulate a lifestyle, body and mind of excellence.


Let East meet West. TOGA brings the age-old practices of self-development, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic nutrition and fuses it with the rapidly developing modern world of fitness, nutrition and exercise. So not only will you look brilliant in your Insta pics, but the person behind the picture will feel fantastic too.

Working in pertnership with Dru Yoga, an international yoga school, TOGA classess are avaibale to stream online no matter where in the world you are. Join us LIVE right here each week and try your first week completely FREE!



BRAND NEW TOGA Fitness classes are now being run in the UK and available to stream around the world. Click on the link below to find events near you.


You are unique and so is your body composition. Ayurvedic nutrition is tailored to your specific 'dosha'. In the East we believe that food can be your medicine and that what we put into our body can change our body and our mind. To see real transformation you have to to build yourself from the inside out.

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"Your only competition is the person you were yesterday"