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The Laboratory of Life

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

The thing is with life is no-one gives you an instruction manual. It was like the first time I was in the labs at University- a table full of strange alien looking equipment and a bunch of ingredients and compounds, half of which I couldn’t even pronounce the name of. I felt totally overwhelmed, idiotic and confused. I desperately looked around at my fellow students, who all seemed to be happily clinking glassware and adding strange looking powders together confidently, without a care in the world. I thought ‘how the hell do they know what they’re doing!? Did they get some memo I missed?’.

I miserably prodded a random item in front of me and started to mix some materials that looked somewhat similar to that of my classmates- all the time desperately praying nothing would blow up.

And that’s how life feels sometimes isn’t it. You have no idea what you’re doing, just prodding some goo, hoping it’s the right goo, and feeling that horrible sinking feeling that you’re the only idiot in the room who has no idea what they are doing with their life, let alone how to do their taxes. But the funny thing is, I soon discovered, that everyone else was in the same boat as me, all putting on a brave face and mixing together random things in the hope that some miracle cure would be the result- all too terrified to ask the professor for help in the fear of looking like an idiot. The thing is once you swallow your pride (not the goo, don’t ever swallow the goo) and ask for help, maybe ask for the formula that’s worked before or even the method of addition, everything suddenly becomes clear, manageable and easy. And I can grantee everyone in the room will breathe a sigh of relief that finally someone asked what the hell we’re all supposed to do.

We all need some direction, an idea of what an effective formula looks like, and some guidance on how to turn the pile of seemingly random compounds in front of you into something of worth that can help others. And that is what we will do. Show you what you need to formulate a spectacular life- what components are needed, how much of each and when to add each bit- so that you not only get a finished result that works- but you get the most effective and powerful result possible.

When you formulate your life with passion, intelligence, tried and tested techniques and most of all; clear outlined methods- you can ensure you are the best YOU possible. That way you can help the most people and be of the greatest service to mankind and to this beautiful world we live in.

No final product is identical- and nor do I want it to be. Every person need to experiment and see how the method can best be applied to their own lives- just as medicines work differently in every person. Learning about yourself, the phycology of how we respond to life, gives us the power and confidence to stand in the laboratory of life and formulate for ourselves the most spectacular life- and sometimes we might need to ask for help, a new ingredient or perhaps some inspiration from our class mate. Sometimes we’ll mess up, have to start again and reassess everything we once thought was true. But no matter what, now is the time to take charge, have fun and together let’s make ourselves a masterpiece.


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